Monday, 19 January 2015

Homework 19-01-2015

As Requested by Yang Teng


 Complete the Key Phrases and Sentences worksheet(关键句) [Due: Tomorrow]
 Sign up for Mother Tongue fortnight activities [Due: Tomorrow] (Link)
 There will a Chinese spelling on the 15 words/phrases out of the 20 that we had learnt [Tomorrow] (Link) (The words are; 歇息丶残障丶宾馆丶连锁店丶通缉丶大海捞针丶娇小丶瞬间丶莫名其妙丶违法丶监控丶钦佩丶油然而生丶一丝不苟丶纠正 )


 Expand the following; (x+y)^3 and (x+y)^4 [For: Tomorrow]
 Complete Assignment 2 [Due: Friday]

Social Studies:
Complete the following: [Due: Tomorrow]
  •  'Qualities of a Good Social Studies Student' worksheet 
  •  'Venetian System of Government'
  •  'Reformed System of Government'
  •  'Strong Leadership of Government'
 Read the Sec4 Social Studies textbook page 96-102 [Self]


Bring the following [On: Wednesday] 
 Orange Plastic file,
 Learning Device and

Please do not bring fries or anything that is not related to Biotechnology for the lesson. However you are allowed to bring sweets

If there is something that I missed or if there is a mistake that I had made, please feel free to comment on the post that was made or on the Facebook group or private message me.
To:Clare, Reese, Pei Ling and Aniksha, Get well soon if you are sick/injured! (Sorry if I missed anybody)

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