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Upcoming Examination: End of Year Examination

Schedule: Please take note that due to haze, Biotech exam is postponed to 30 Sept, and that Chemistry and A Math papers have been moved to afternoon, starting from 2pm and 2.30pm. No changes for Biology (6 Oct). Kindly note these changes. Thank you :)

Topics Tested:

[Paper 1]                
-Report Writing     

[Paper 2]
-Visual Text

(P1- 2 hours, 80marks;                                   
 P2- 2.5 hours, 100marks)
1 Numbers and their operations                      
2 Ratio and Proportion                                    
3 Rate and Speed                                             
4 Algebraic Expressions and Formulae           
5 Functions and Graphs                                   
6 Equations and Inequalities                            
7 Set Language and Notation                           
8 Probability
9 Kinematics
10 Angles, Triangles and Polygons
11 Matrices
12 Trigonometry
13 Congruence and Similarity
14 Properties of Circles
15 Pythagoras' Theorem
16 Mensuration
17 Coordinate Geometry
18 Probability
19 Circular Measure

(2.5 hours, 100marks)
1 Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
2 Polynomials and Partial Fractions
3 Indices, Surds and Logarithms
4 Modulus and Graphs
5 Coordinate Geometry
6 Conics
7 Trigonometry

Paper 1- MCQ ; Paper 2- Short & Long Answer Questions
1 hour              ; 1 hour 45 mins
Topics Tested:
Movement of Substances         
Nutrition in Plants  
Nutrition in Humans
Transport in Plants
Transport in Humans

Paper 1- MCQ ; Paper 2- Short & Long Answer Questions
Topics Tested:
Measurements & Experimental Chemistry
Elements, Compounds, Mixtures
Separation Techniques
Kinetic Particle Theory
Atomic Structure
Ionic Bonding
Covalent Bonding
Metallic Bonding
Writing Chemical Equations
Stoichiometry and Mole Concept
Acids and Bases
Qualitative Analysis

Duration: 1hr 45min
Format: SBQ & SEQ
Topics Tested:
Impact of WWI in Europe
Stalin's Soviet Union
Hitler's Germany

Social Studies
    Duration: 1hr 45min
    Format: SBQ & SEQ
    Section A: SBQ Case Study
    -5 compulsory sub-questions testing Inference, Comparison and Reliability
    Section B: SEQ
    -2 compulsory sub-questions (choose 1 from 3)
    SEQ Coverage:
    1) Rise & Fall of Venice
    2) Governance in SG- Governance Principles & Population
    3) Healthcare in SG
    4) Conflict in Sri Lanka

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