Friday, 27 March 2015

Remembering Mr Lee Kuan Yew by PL,JT,RT,DP

"I found that the 3 qualities used to describe him were extremely accurate"
-Rikesh Tiwari

"Without his courage, Singapore would not be what it is today, without his excellent foresight he would not have become a such a developed country in the span of 50 years"
-Yan Pei Ling

"Without his courage to take risks, Singapore would not be where it is today"
-Daryl Puan

"I feel that all the things that I love about Singapore are all there because of the decisions that Mr Lee Kuan Yew made in times of crisis and distress. His ability to be so level headed in these situations makes me admire him tremendously. He has contributed more to this world than what a thousand people could do. He has made Singapore a rose among the thorns and for that, I thank him."
-Javier Tay

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