Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Homework 07-01-2015

- Sign SDM form [Due: 8th Jan]
- Update Aniksha of your birthdays


- Bring: Orange Ring File(Theory) with 15 dividers [Due: 15th Jan]
           : Orange Plastic File(SPA)
- Complete the Case Study Presentation [Due:12th Jan]

- Complete Maths Notes Pg 20 & 21 Tier A and B [Due: 16th Jan]
- Answer Mr Ingham's post on Google Plus [Due: 7th Jan 2359]
- Purchase Maths Graphic Calculator next week

English (Group A Band 1):
- Bring English file [Due: 9th Jan]

Social Studies:
- Purchase Sec4 SS textbook
- Bring SS green ring file [Due: 13th Jan]
- Bookmark the link: and to complete your SS classwork


- Upload your Chinese Funpack into PBworks [Due: 11th Jan 2359]

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